It was March 12 when shadow president Joe Biden gave his own nationwide address on the coronavirus crisis, and fans were so proud that he managed to deliver a short address without a teleprompter. (Narrator: He was using a teleprompter.) Regardless, superfan and Impeachment Task Force member Alyssa Milano said she was in tears watching Biden’s address and thanked God for his leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here’s the thing: Noted plagiarist Biden, much like his fellow shadow president Hillary Clinton, can’t really advise the country to do anything that President Trump hasn’t already suggested or put into place. So instead the focus shifts to how Trump failed to protect the country from the spread of the coronavirus. The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan thinks the networks should stop carrying Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings, but we’re sure she’s fine with Biden’s highly politicized videos which are completely impotent anyway, seeing as the guy’s currently unemployed.

While people are asking where Biden’s been hiding these past few days, his campaign has released a video of President Obama’s Ebola czar (and Biden’s former chief of staff) Ron Klain to trash the Trump administration, which we’re certain the People’s Republic of China will heartily agree with.

Note: If you don’t think the Biden administration will immediately restock the White House with ex-Obama staffers, you’re wrong. They’re practically salivating at the idea of getting their old jobs back.

It’s true. Biden’s not up to the task of giving a daily briefing — plus, anything he put out there would just be copied from Trump’s press conference the day before.

He did forget the name of the Ebola virus during his debate with Bernie Sanders, calling it “what happened in Africa” — you know the thing.

He’s got to keep his name out there somehow, if not his face. Remember when Trump said the next Democratic hoax was going to be how his administration fumbled its response to the coronavirus and dared claim that Democrats and the media were politicizing it?


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