As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN analyst Asha Rangappa had racked up 22,000 likes (now over 30,000) for a completely false tweet claiming that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden wasn’t reading from a teleprompter Thursday when he gave his version of a presidential address on the coronavirus. Of course he was, because 1) he didn’t stumble all the way through and 2) photos clearly showed teleprompter screens in front of him.

Rangappa hasn’t deleted the tweet, but she did post a new one for all the angry “Trump Boo Boos” who are mad because President Trump can’t look like he’s making a natural delivery when reading from a teleprompter or something. No, all Trump can do well is go off-script at his massive rallies and improvise and play off the crowd without a teleprompter, all while remembering which state and city he’s in.

She was totally not owned!

It’s true — Biden fans are wiping the sweat off their brows after he managed to not embarrass himself.

Time to delete that original tweet, huh?