As Twitchy has reported, the Daily Mail announced just a day ago that President Trump was finally doing something about the coronavirus, even though the CDC had established a coronavirus incident management system in early January, two days before China even announced the outbreak. And when President Trump introduced his coronavirus task force, CNN complained about the lack of diversity, especially with the 2020 election looming.

And after President Trump announced a halt to flights from Europe Wednesday night in a national address, the media freaked out that he’d called COVID-19 a “foreign virus” and complained that his language smacked of xenophobia.

So where does one turn for good, solid, bias-free information about the coronavirus, Megyn Kelly asked:

Rep. Kevin McCarthy tweeted a link to the CDC’s website, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanded he take it down and apologize because he called it “the Chinese coronavirus.”

HuffPost Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen assures us that any mainstream media outlet can be trusted for good, solid information, though.

HuffPost has certainly kept us up-to-date on the latest late-night monologues about the coronavirus from Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah.

You can trust HuffPost for recaps of comedy skits you missed because you fell asleep.

We wonder if Polgreen counts Fox News as a mainstream media outlet, because Brian Stelter is having a fit over their coverage.