World Health Organization officials said Thursday morning that the coronavirus had killed nearly 200 people in China so far and has spread to about 7,700 cases worldwide.

The Trump administration would like to keep the coronavirus from spreading in the United States and killing even more, so the president put together a task force to look into the problem.

CNN, however, seems very concerned over the lack of diversity among the task force. Just look:

Oh, wait, sorry, that’s the HuffPost editorial staff. We meant these photos:

Brandon Tensley writes:

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted photos of a briefing he’d received on the new coronavirus spreading out of China.

Who are these experts? They’re largely the same sort of white men (and a couple women on the sidelines) who’ve dominated the Trump administration from the very beginning.

And yet, as unsurprising as the diversity conversation in the Trump era has become, it’s still worth pointing out from time to time, especially as the country approaches the 2020 presidential election in earnest.
That’s because the recent photos of “the best experts” telegraph the sorts of people the administration deems worthy of holding power — and even being in close proximity to it.

In contrast, President Obama’s Ebola task force was much more diverse. We’d say to remember that when you go to the polls, but the Democrats have already rejected all the black and Latino candidates who were running.

This is as shocking as when Stephen King claimed that as an Academy member he “would never consider diversity in matters of art,” only quality. He sure walked that back quickly.

Bigger than the Hunter Biden scandal, or ABC News sitting on that Jeffrey Epstein exposé.