Here’s the thing. As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart accused Trump supporters, Bernie Bros, and Russians of pushing the “B.S. story” that Joe Biden is in cognitive decline. Obviously, Biden supporters aren’t going to be tweeting about it even if they see it, are they?

Actor Ron Perlman already thinks we here at Twitchy are Russian bots, but we’re human, and we’d feel much worse about writing a post on Biden’s supposed cognitive decline if CNN’s Brian Stelter hadn’t literally spent weeks covering President Trump’s mental fitness and having on quacks like Bandy X. Lee who want Trump put under a 72-hour psychiatric hold and tested because of a tweet he sent.

Oh hey, speaking of Bandy X. Lee, “one of the mental health professionals who has been very vocal about Trump’s unfitness for office”: She recently wrote a post on Medium explaining “why a declination to diagnose Biden is in keeping with professional standards.” “I do not diagnose without examination and do not speak about public figures in general,” she writes, even though she goes on “Reliable Sources” to encourage Trump to be locked up.

Raw Story’s Matthew Chapman also is sick of people questioning Biden’s mental fitness just because he’s trying to suppress a childhood stutter:

Seriously, look at them.

We’re not trying to be Bernie Bros by doing posts like this, but when Biden remembers being arrested in South Africa while trying to meet with Nelson Mandela, that’s not the effect of repressing a stutter.