Ok, we’ve decided at this point that Ron Perlman has figured out we give him all sorts of attention, and even bad PR is good PR (which is what we hope he’s doing and if so, way to go, Hellboy). Because the other possibility is that the man has lost all ability to think rationally and truly believes Twitchy is funded by the Russians.

Which makes great content for us, but still …

Here we go again, only THIS time it’s like he’s picking a fight with us:

Actually, we’re not entirely sure Ron’s tweet is in English, but what we think he’s saying is that somehow we are Russians, or bots, or Russian bots, and that we magically found a bunch of trolls to ‘sic’ on him on Twitter. And nah, he didn’t hit a nerve but he did crack us UP while giving us plenty of content for another story.

Thanks, Ron 🙂

Ok, ok, ok, so Putin didn’t really say hi, but we cracked ourselves up. We had to do it.

*sits in corner*

We didn’t say it.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.


Yeah, keep hittin’ us, Ron.


We’re clearly the butthurt ones.


Oh wow, the only people who may be denser than Ron Perlman are his followers.


We’re terrified.

Can’t you tell?

We love it too!


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