As Twitchy reported Monday, The Daily Beast was shocked and dismayed to report that Fox News hosts had begun raising suspicions about 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s health. “In the news business, it is considered irresponsible to spread baseless, potentially damaging rumors about public figures,” wrote The Daily Beast’s.

CNN media guy Brian Stelter picked up on the story and repeated the response from the Biden campaign, which said such talk “has no place in our public discourse” and “anyone amplifying it bears some responsibility for giving it legitimacy.” That second bit sounds like they’re talking about the news media, doesn’t it?

Plenty of people weighed in to ask if Stelter had a mirror in his possession since he and CNN had spent weeks questioning President Trump’s mental and physical fitness. Here are some more flashbacks in case Stelter needed another reminder about “amplifying” rumors about someone’s health.

In response to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Trump tweeted that he had a nuclear button too, and his actually worked. This caused Stelter to rewrite the opening to “Anderson Cooper 360” at the last minute.

Gotcha. And that’s why it was important for CNN’s Jake Tapper to interview Rep. Jamie Raskin, who had met with psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee, who had never examined nor even met the president but was running around Congress warning anyone who’d listen that Trump was “unraveling” and “losing his grip on reality.”

She, by the way, was also editor of the book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President” and wanted him restrained and examined, her only worry being that physically restraining the president might look like a coup attempt.

Good interview. And as if a psychiatrist with TDS diagnosing someone over the TV wasn’t enough, fact-challenged writer Michael Wolff inspired a column by Stelter on … Trump’s mental fitness:

And hey, look: in February, a month later, Stelter was still at it:

And here he is again:

Oh, and don’t forget that Stelter and CNN weren’t just concerned with Trump’s mental fitness to serve. Remember when word got out that he drank 12 Diet Cokes a day? CNN was on it:

So is questioning a candidate’s health “has no place in our public discourse,” Stelter should tell his colleagues to all meet up for a big glass of STFU juice.