As Twitchy reported earlier, lawmakers concerned about President Trump’s mental health invited a Yale psychiatry professor to brief them in December, although Geraldo Rivera says Trump is “sharp, focused, and exactly as he’s been for the last 40 years.”

On his show Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper invited one of those concerned lawmakers to give his point of view. Unfortunately for Rep. Jamie Raskin (but fortunate for us), Tapper inadvertently (?) used what Ben Shapiro called “the perfect screencap” from the interview.

It seems Tapper deleted the tweet, but not before we managed to get our own screencap:

Talk about losing your grip on reality.

But seriously folks …

OK, here we go … Take 2:


* * *


… and here’s Take 3:


Dems will NOT like Geraldo Rivera countering the narrative on Trump’s ‘mental state’