North Korea hasn’t fired off any nukes yet, thank goodness, but President Trump’s tweet about his nuclear button still has a lot of the country rattled, perhaps CNN’s Brian Stelter most of all.

On Tuesday night, after the tweet, Stelter made it known that he rewrote the opening of “Anderson Cooper 360” to deal with the tweet, which he called “madness.”

Yeah, OK. It’s now two days later and we’re still sticking with the narrative of President Trump’s mental fitness — a topic covered on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” Thursday.

Now Stelter is checking into Steve Bannon’s questionable tell-all book “Fire and Fury,” and of course what inspired him to write a column were questions in the book about Trump’s fitness for office.

Stelter writes:

Concerns about Trump’s fitness were already in the news bloodstream because of his jaw-dropping tweets on Tuesday about jailing political opponents and controlling a “nuclear button.”

“Should Americans be concerned about the President’s mental fitness,” NBC’s Peter Alexander asked in Wednesday’s press briefing, given that “he appears to be speaking so lightly about threats regarding a nuclear button?”

On CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” Wednesday night, former presidential adviser and CNN senior political analyst David Gergen said Wolff’s reporting reinforce questions about whether Trump is fit for office.

“I do think we need to have a serious national discussion about this,” Gergen said. And “by the way,” he added, “I think the Republican party bears some responsibility here.”

What’s that about CNN narratives? Hey look, here’s Stelter on air again talking about … Trump’s mental fitness.

You know, stuff doesn’t just “come up” at a White House briefing unless reporters ask about it. And it seems CNN has sunk its fangs into this narrative like a big white box truck.

Who, the woman who claimed a tax cut was “Armageddon” and was immediately proven wrong? Yeah, let’s look into her mental fitness.

By the way, that “nuclear button” tweet that apparently has the whole country questioning Trump’s mental fitness? It’s been “liked” 475,000 times. Maybe report that?


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