To set the stage, here’s the tweet from President Trump that has everyone upset with him and not at Kim Jong Un, to whom he was responding:

No, it probably won’t go down in history as one of his most “presidential” tweets, but it’s unlikely to start World War III either. Still, CNN’s Brian Stelter let it be known that he rewrote the lead of “Anderson Cooper 360” to accommodate.

It’s “almost literally a bombshell” … get it? Hey, we’re old enough to remember Ronald Reagan joking about bombing Russia in five minutes, so maybe the shock factor just isn’t there.

Stelter, who works for the news network that devoted multiple segments to Trump drinking 12 Diet Cokes a day, made it a point that Tucker Carlson didn’t rewrite the lead of his show to highlight Trump’s tweet.

Doesn’t he know that Jake Tapper already played this game with @redsteeze and lost?

It’s madness!

The CNN hive mind is in sync, so no worries there:

And by “handle legit criticism better,” he means “point at Fox,” right?


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