We’re old enough to remember when Twitchy favorite Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, wasn’t a FOX News op-ed contributor, but now that he is, he’s caught the attention of CNN’s Jake Tapper, and the two on Saturday had a must-see duel of lame stories from each network. You decide who came out on top.

The whole thing stems from something Twitchy covered earlier: the growing anti-government protests in Iran and the seeming lack of interest shown by major media outlets, including CNN:

Miller decided to weigh in as well with this gem from CNN:

Tapper countered with this:

Uh oh … here’s where the slap-fight starts, with Tapper landing the first blow, retweeting a headline from Fox & Friends — certainly not what anyone would consider a hard-news program:

That’s when Steeze decided to nuke Tapper and CNN from orbit:

LOL! In case you’ve been busy over the holidays, that’s the box truck outside Mar-a-Lago CNN has been obsessed with all week.

It’s like a food fight, but with headlines.

It’s all over, folks.

But wait … a challenger approaches. Can Miller hold off CNN’s Brian Stelter?

Oh, and by the way, CNN ran the same story as Fox & Friends:




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