In case you missed it — and if you watch mainstream cable network news like CNN, you likely did — Politico recently published a piece on how the Obama administration deliberately undercut the DEA’s efforts to bring down a massive drug cartel linked to Hezbollah. Why? To grease the wheels of the Iran nuclear deal, of course.

Politico even put together a 43-second “movie trailer” for its exclusive report.

Seeing as the story was critical of the Obama administration, it didn’t take long for Ben “Iran Deal” Rhodes to classify Politico as part of the right-wing echo chamber — and that was about as far as his rebuttal went.

Twitchy favorite Ace of Spaces approached CNN’s Jake Tapper to see if CNN might work up a segment on the scandal.

OK, so Ace posts anonymously, as does Allahpundit of Twitchy sister site Hot Air — but if you’ve been blogging for more than a decade under a pseudonym and amassing a huge and influential following doing so, doesn’t that count for something? Honorary status?

A blogger “cloaked in anonymity” — just like so many mainstream news sources? We get why Tapper took offense at Ace’s original tweet, but he doesn’t seem in any rush to push the Hezbollah story at CNN.

Josh Meyer, the writer of the Hezbollah scoop, is NOT anonymous and let Tapper know he’d be happy to come on TV and discuss it.

So, first, will CNN bring on Meyer to talk about his story, and second, will CNN stop using anonymous sources in its stories?

Yes, threatening to dox some guy who made a CNN vs. Trump animated GIF — that was a particularly ugly episode.

Tapper’s a good reporter — he should know who Ace is. Maybe he really does?


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