As Twitchy reported, a mysterious white box truck on Wednesday blocked the sidewalk where a CNN crew had previously captured some Pulitzer-worthy footage of President Trump playing golf at Mar-a-Lago Christmas week.

At least the CNN crew got a good shot of the truck.

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller wonders if maybe there’s something else CNN could be reporting on, such as that Politico exposé connecting the Obama administration, the Iran deal, and a drug ring run on behalf of Hezbollah.

Amber Athey reports:

The Secret Service and the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office both denied responsibility for the truck, causing CNN to launch into full-on conspiracy theory mode.

“Today this truck showed up out of nowhere and actually moved at one point when our journalists tried to get a different angle,” CNN’s Ryan Nobles cried. “It’s clear no one wanted us to get a picture of the president golfing.”

Here’s one report of many:

And here’s a compilation of clips showing just how obsessed CNN had become with the truck:

CNN’s Jim Acosta was reminded of a line from “Caddyshack,” perhaps while he was shining his coveted Junior Resistance Agent badge.

It’s too bad that it’s a slow news week and no passenger jets have disappeared into black holes to fill the time … but c’mon.


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