A lot of Democrats and lefty celebrities are still really butthurt that President Trump “recklessly assassinated” Qasem Soleimani and want to make it up to Iran somehow for their loss. Actress Rose McGowan sent a touching “Dear Iran” tweet from the terrorist regime in which she’s being held hostage, the United States. And filmmaker Michael Moore also prostrated himself before the Ayatollah before asking, “What Americans did Soleimani kill?” Just hundreds of our troops, that’s all. And an American contractor. Quick action stopped them from killing everyone inside the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, though.

The Free Beacon is reporting Wednesday that presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are reaching out to Iran by planning a conference call with the National Iranian American Council, who worked closely with Ben Rhodes on his media echo chamber to sell the Iran deal to the American public.

Adam Kredo and David Rutz report:

Along with Reps. Ro Khanna (D., Calif.) and Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), Sanders and Warren are scheduled to speak Wednesday evening with members of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). The group played a central role in what former Obama national security adviser Ben Rhodes called the administration’s pro-Iran Deal “echo chamber,” spinning journalists, lawmakers, and citizens.

The Democratic candidates’ willingness to engage with NIAC—a group that aggressively pushed the accord and has strongly advocated against U.S. sanctions on the Islamic Republic—reflects their desire to see America reenter the nuclear deal, which released up to $150 billion in cash to the regime. Much of that money has gone to fund Iran’s regional terror operations, including recent attacks on American personnel stationed in the region.

How many attacks on America does it take for the Democrats to realize that Iran is not our friend?

Moping about his Iran deal, still.

It’s bad for President Trump to take out an Iranian terrorist without telling Congress first, but these senators can go ahead and cozy up to Iran and leave the administration out of the loop?