There are times when we as Twitchy editors come across tweets where we read them, shake our heads, and think, ‘We got nothin’.’

And this absolutely positively insane from Rose McGowan is one of those tweets.

We know what you’re thinking, it’s Rose McGowan, when is she not absolutely positively insane but THIS tweet addressed to Iran makes her other tweets seem almost sane.


Look at this hot mess of crazy:

Does she realize the guy we killed is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths of innocent Americans? We’ve disrespected them?

And she apologizes for half this country?


Girl, sit down.

Seems she inspired a whole lot of horrible and stupid with ‘Dear Iran’ as well:

Folks, they are completely unhinged.

We try really hard not to call people morons but we’re getting close.

See what we mean?


Oops, we said it.

Our bad.



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