We see a lot of gaslighting on Twitter (we follow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s feed), but this thread from Lorena Gonzalez about what is happening to freelancers in California and why they won’t ‘let’ workers opt-out is not ony an impressive amount of gaslighting, but a reminder of how evil unions really are.

They pretend they’re for the people but what they’re really for is CONTROLLING the people.

And their paychecks.

They don’t ‘let’ workers opt-out of labor protections… because they know they would.

Because unions suck.

Imagine thinking ‘liberty’ to work as one chooses is just a talking point behind a right-wing attack.

This is not about child labor laws and she knows it.

Don’t worry people. They’re just trying to protect you because you’re too stupid to protect yourselves.

This is … awful.

Their motivation is to control labor and profit from it.

Period. The end.

Seems folks aren’t exactly pleased with her smug, bossy thread. Gosh, we’re shocked.


They are all about the power.

And money.


Ding ding ding.

Unions just suck.

But we repeat ourselves.

Oh, and if you’re unfamiliar with #AB5, here’s what it does:

No wonder they’re all so pissed.



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