Sean Parnell defended himself from a Twitter user who sent him a disgusting tweet we won’t bother including because it’s just that foul … but that didn’t stop Austin Ruse for trying to shame Sean for supposedly ‘bragging about his service.’ Notice, Austin’s tweet is missing because after he spent the past 24 hours getting embarrassed and dragged for writing a really stupid tweet he called uncle and deleted it.

But Sean’s response to Austin is so great we had to write about it.

Thousands of vets kill themselves every year.

Every year.

And they need to talk about what they’ve seen and where they’ve been.

Sean handled this perfectly.


All day amen.

Meanwhile, Austin was still sort of grumbling and bumbling on his own timeline:

Be humble.

Let a-holes harass and pick at you.


Austin seems so humble himself, right?

Ugh, there’s that tweet.

The one Sean defended himself against … the one Austin shamed Sean for defending himself against.

This crap right here, this is why Trump won.



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