The people we follow on Twitter all loved the job Ricky Gervais did hosting the Golden Globes, especially his opening monologue which put Hollywood celebrity culture on blast, but the entertainment media didn’t seem to see things that way. Slate said he was mean; Vox compiled all the times he’d been “offensive” in the past; the Los Angeles Times said Gervais was “the last thing anyone needed.”

The Independent’s critic has also weighed in and claims that Gervais “cheapened” the already cheap Golden Globes and “overshadowed vital political statements,” like telling the crowd you’re wearing the same tux all award season.

Jo Murch writes:

The awards were certainly not free from activism – powerful speeches were given by actors including Jennifer Aniston on climate change, Joaquin Phoenix on veganism, Michelle Williams on abortion rights and Patricia Arquette on the conflict between Iran/US. But any meaningful message is dampened when the man at the helm is making schoolboy jokes about paedophiles.

When a joke about Greta Thunberg – “You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg” – features in the same broadcast as heartfelt pleas about climate change you can’t help but feel confused about the message Hollywood is trying to send.

We’re never confused about the message Hollywood is trying to send; it’s just that they’re so self-unaware and hypocritical we don’t care.

Vital political statement from Patricia Arquette to someone who disagrees with her: “Bot.”