Cry harder, Slate.

Only a group of self-inflated, whiny, finger-pointing, crybabies would take issue with what Ricky Gervais said to Hollywood elites at the Golden Globes last night. He was honest. He was straightforward. And it looks like the truth hurt.

What a bunch of freakin’ babies.

From Slate:

Going into the Golden Globes, the biggest question was not who will win the night’s biggest awards but how much of a jerk Ricky Gervais would be. Over the course of his four previous hosting gigs, Gervais has cultivated the reputation of a provocateur unafraid to challenge the rich and powerful, whether it be by taking aim at Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism or Caitlyn Jenner’s transition (although he is sorry about that one time he made fun of Tim Allen’s movie career). On occasion, Gervais does genuinely speak truth to power, but much of the time he’s just, well, being kind of a dick.

BOO flippin’ HOO.

Ricky nailed it. Americans are tired of being lectured by their ‘betters’ in Hollywood.

Sorry, not sorry.

Would someone get Slate some tissue? Thanks.

Brilliant, wasn’t it?

Only when it’s a truth they agree with.

This could work?


A little late indeed.


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