We have seen Adam Schiff spew some serious bullschiff over the past couple of years, but going on CNN and claiming that Nancy Pelosi has been sitting on the articles of impeachment to ‘flush out’ McConnell and make sure Trump gets a ‘fair trial’ is a nuclear level of bullschiff we’ve never seen before.

Even from him.


It’s his hope Trump has a fair trial.

Because you know, he’s been so fair to trump so far.

What a maroon.

Remember how they were all claiming they needed to impeach Trump ASAP because it was a constitutional emergency? Guess that emergency passed?


Yes, they made their point.

And that point is, ‘ORANGE MAN BAD and we can’t accept he beat Hillary in 2016 and we’re scared he’ll beat us again in 2020’.

Clearly, he can.

And does.

Or if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.

The Schiff jokes never get old.



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