As we told you last night, Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais decided not to take the easy approach, which would have been to make a bunch of anti-Trump jokes. Instead, Gervais took aim at the people who were sitting right in front of him, jabbing them for everything from Harvey Weinstein to their “woke” hypocrisy. While Gervais’ jokes and comments received thunderous applause from many watching at home, people inside the venue were obviously not as pleased. The Los Angeles Times’ television critic think Gervais ruined it for the celebs in attendance:

The Times’ television editor agreed:

How dare the glitterati get called out for their smug hypocrisy on their big night!

It was hilarious and long overdue.

The mirror got turned around on them and they didn’t like their own reflections (for a change).

It was hilarious.

Bingo! The lack of politics reigned, which is what really bothered them.

The Golden Globe attendees and organizers also didn’t seem to fully appreciate Joaquin Phoenix calling out their private jet/climate change hypocrisy.