The TDS epidemic has gotten way out of hand. The rhetoric is ridiculous: it was bad enough when the Impeachment Task Force’s Alyssa Milano tweeted that the red MAGA hat was the new Klan hood; then The Wrap gave her space for an op-ed expanding on her tweet. Of course, a lot of this grew out of the Covington Catholic kids wearing MAGA hats to a pro-life march, after which “Beauty and the Beast” producer Jack Morrissey tweeted a graphic image of #MAGAkids going screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.

And then there was the attack on white women who voted for Donald Trump. Jessica Valenti tweeted that they were at the Charlottesville white supremacy rally in spirit, and they were shamed by Soledad O’Brien and many others.

But today’s target is white men who voted for Trump. Michael Moore goes turbo with the TDS madness by suggesting on a podcast that you cross the street if you see three white men coming toward you. Two of them voted for Trump, and you should be afraid.

Believe us — if we saw Michael Moore and two other white men coming toward us, we’d cross the street.

So it’s best just not to leave your house because you might encounter a white guy who voted for Trump and put yourself in harm’s way.