As Twitchy reported the other day, actress and Democrat activist Alyssa Milano tweeted the other day, “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” and her followers agreed, adding that, “You show up anywhere is a MAGA hat you know what you are doing…. you want it, you got it.”

In other words, you’re a Klansman if you wear a MAGA hat — a take not unlike that by Noah Berlatsky over at NBC News, who couldn’t distinguish a red MAGA cap from a swastika.

It’s been said by the Washington Post that “the Trump Internet pounced” on the Covington story and a writer from the Guardian agreed, saying conservative media created a “parallel reality” about the Covington students that made them out to be heroes rather than pariahs.

It’s obvious: it’s not “the Trump internet” that has pounced but leftists who apparently didn’t watch the entire video of the incident and don’t seem to mind fantasies about throwing the Covington boys headfirst into a woodchipper or shooting them on sight or boarding them up in their school and setting it on fire — so here’s Milano to add some kindling.

There’s a concerted movement to make sure Trump supporters are ashamed to wear hats that say Make America Great Again. The Left is triggered by the sight of them and wants them gone.

Milano expanded on her tweet in an op-ed published by The Wrap, but before we get into that, we’d like to ask her and Berlatsky is she thinks these people are Klan members:

They know what they’re doing.

But anyway, onto Milano’s op-ed:

Still, some things in that video cannot be disputed–no matter what angle or how extended the cut is. These boys, who attend a religious school, were there on a school trip protesting against a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Several of these boys were wearing red MAGA hats, a hat that has become synonymous with white nationalism and racism. Several were doing a “tomahawk chop.” Several were laughing.

When I saw that video, I saw boys flaunting their entitlement and displaying toxic masculinity. It seemed to me like they were reflecting the white nationalism and racism that the hats on their heads have come to represent.

Here’s the kind of response Milano received for her efforts:


So much love and acceptance.

We’re perfectly fine if U.S. service members want their MAGA hats signed by the president, even if CNN probed to see if it was a disciplinary offense. (It wasn’t.) We’re also happy for people of color to wear MAGA hats. We’re kind of in love with freedom here and don’t feel we have to ban pro-abortion pussy hats or Ché Guevara T-shirts if that’s what people choose.

Sorry, we’re not letting the “MAGA hats are Nazi/Klan wear” people win. You’ve failed miserably at trying to confiscate citizens’ firearms and you sure as hell are getting the hats off our heads.

Yep, just like the pussy-hat wearing contingent at the Women’s March pretended pro-life women’s groups that wanted to march didn’t exist.

The tax man gets his take first.

Again, are the service members who brought their MAGA hats to be signed by the president Klansmen? Milano might want to have a word with the Department of Defense and make sure those racists are drummed out of the service dishonorably. Then let the brave leftist warriors of Antifa in their black hoodies have their way with them.

Any chance Milano will write an op-ed denouncing the violence and fascist ideology of those who wear black hoodies and kerchiefs over their faces?