If you had any doubt that the media were trying to make themselves look even worse with the Covington Catholic High School story look no further than Noah Berlatsky’s take on Nick Sandmann.

Well, on Nick’s hat.

This has truly become the Left’s ‘the skirt was too short’ moment, doncha think?

Epically bad.

From NBC News:

Obviously, not everyone who wears a MAGA hat is a member of a far-right gang devoted to street violence. Nor does everyone who wears a MAGA hat insult or attack marginalized people. But everyone who wears a MAGA hat should know that they are associating themselves with Trump’s exclusionist, angry rhetoric. Everyone who wears a MAGA hat should know that many marginalized people see the hat as a symbol of hate.

Holy Hell.

Noah doesn’t seem all that thrilled with being called out for claiming Nick’s hat was to blame for a bunch of adults acting like idiots to a bunch of high school kids.


The kids weren’t wearing a Swastika.

OOOOR, and we’re just spitballin’ here, OOOR people wear them because they support Trump.

Or they want to make people like Noah flip their lids.

But claiming it aligns a person with literal Nazis?


Fascist says what?

His whole timeline is him arguing with people and then arguing with no one to prove his point.

It’s … odd.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.


Sheesh, so melodramatic.


But Truuuump!


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