Another day, another popular Conservative Twitter account suspended for telling a joke. And considering the garbage that Twitter has left up after the Covington media disaster, that @MetricButtload was permanently suspended over a joke is well … infuriating.

But not surprising.

Lefty blue-checks can joke about tossing kids into wood chippers or setting their school on fire but Conservatives can’t even use the word ‘pansy’.

But tell us how Twitter isn’t biased, Jack.

Banned for a joke.

That’s just so Twitter.

Or how about just enforcing their TOS equally and without bias? Just spitballin’.


Good times.

But that’s OK for certain accounts, silly.

Not a great look, Twitter.

Careful, man, that could get you suspended.


Oh, and that Uncle guy who wanted someone to fire on the Covington kids?

Yeah, this jackas* still has his account.

We know, everything is stupid.


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