Nothing says, ‘We care about our readers who keep us in business day in and day out,’ like shaming them because they’re not reading or investing in your crap platform enough.

Instead of looking at WHY their readers aren’t investing in them, Mother Jones’ Editor in Chief Clara Jeffery wrote an entire thread about the recently announced layoffs at HuffPo, Buzzfeed, and other Leftist outlets and pointed the finger of blame at everyone BUT the actual outlets.

Good times.


Alrighty then.

C’mon, even Leftists have to think this line of nagging is annoying, right?

Yes, it’s all a plot by Facebook.

And it’s ALL YOUR FAULT for spending your money on Hulu and not Buzzfeed.


Her absolute lack of self-awareness is STUNNING, and not in a good way.

Yeah, rich people, this is your fault too!

Forget the disastrous last week the media has had, from the Buzzfeed bombshell that totally bombed to the MESS the media made of the Covington Catholic High School story … no no, it’s not these outlet’s fault that they’re laying people off.

It’s the readers.

And Facebook.

And rich people.

Hell, we’re shocked she didn’t blame Trump.

Crazy talk.

Tough crowd.

Ok, that left a mark.

Please don’t ask her to do that.


And in that case, this was what we call an epic self-own.

Nailed it.

PS: We love our readers, ‘nuff said.


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