Welp, if you needed any more proof the next two years are going to be LIT AF, here ya’ go!

Tariq Nasheed seems less than impressed with Kamala Harris’ announcement that she is running for president and there’s one specific piece of her campaign that particularly annoys him:

Would appear Tariq thinks Kamala is playing the race card because she needs the ‘black vote.’ And comparing her to Rachel Dolezal is, well, it’s actually pretty damn funny. This editor isn’t sure who to root for here SO she will just write about it on Twitchy and laugh hysterically.

Did we mention this election is going to be LIT?!


Dude, we had the same EXACT reaction.

Technically the Trump administration has cut black unemployment to its lowest level maybe EVER but we digress.




This is going … not well, for Tariq.

Democrats are going to destroy one another before they even get to the freakin’ primary.

Ain’t it fun?

Let the games begin!


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