Any time there is a big news story or some ridiculousness that takes over social media, this editor wanders over to Sean Spicier’s timeline to see his take on it because nine times out of 10 he’s driving the insane Left even more insane with his parody tweets.

And his tweets addressing the Covington Catholic High School incident (otherwise known as the Left’s greatest self-own EVER) was no exception.

As usual, there were plenty of other gems on his timeline because no matter what the man (or woman?) tweets, the Lefties don’t bother to check to make sure he actually IS Sean Spicer (which we know it’s not) and they freak out on the former press secretary.

Like when he tweeted about Kamala Harris having a likability problem.

We’re amazed.

Fake news … sounds like Covington maybe?

Ok, where’s ours?

They get so cranky when he makes fun of Obama.

Oh, and here is a tweet definitely about Covington:

Kind of disrespect to a culture is a learned behavior.

Whoa boy.


Too easy.

Nancy Pelosi fans were fussy with Spicier about this tweet:

We have questions.

Yeah, Kyle.

Spicier ticked off a MAGA account?

Now we’ve seen everything.


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