So you think Sen. Mitch McConnell smirked a little when he wrote this tweet? OH WAIT, we can’t say he smirked because that’s the new racist trigger or something now, right? Or is it sneering?

Either way, how amused with himself was Mitch when he pointed out who has come to the table with the ONLY proposal that will automatically open the government?

Not only would the proposal open the government immediately, it would open it FULLY.

And Democrats, you know, the ones insisting they want to help put federal employees back to work, thumbed their nose at it. If Mitch was trying to make them look worse he succeeded … heh.

Just look at this freakout:

Ever notice the only time the Left seems to care about our founding fathers is when they can use them?

Actually, it was only DOA because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats would rather play politics than get anything done but we digress.

Don’t like it? Win an election.

Someone said that.


But Obama and Harry Reid were real?




Such drama on the Left.

Nag nag nag.

You know what? We got nothin’.


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