We’re sorry, Guardian, but the prize for being the first media outlet to find a “conservatives pounce” angle on the Covington Catholic High School/Nathan Phillips incident already went to the Washington Post, which in its attempt to clarify what really went down on the Lincoln Memorial steps alleged that “the Trump Internet pounced” and filled in the gaps in the story.

But Guardian writer Jason Wilson would still like you to applaud his piece because he had to watch a lot of Fox News to write it:

OK, so what is this parallel reality that conservatives created? Is it the same parallel reality in which Phillips was serving in the Vietnam War and was spit on by hippies when he returned from overseas?

Wilson writes:

On Wednesday morning, [Nicholas] Sandmann got almost nine minutes of airtime on a national breakfast program to make his case, after his family hired a Republican-linked PR firm.

In making this happen, conservative media have normalized the boys’ aggressive form of political expression, and tried to further discredit both fact-oriented media and high-profile liberals. Media outlets have been effectively gaslighted, and many climbed down from coverage which was based on the most clear and obvious interpretation of the boys chanting, making gestures and making tomahawk chops.

What it tells us is that in 2019, conservatives understand they can construct a parallel reality and have it accepted. They can act in bad faith and prevail, using tried and tested tactics that liberal media continue to fall for.

Wait up … there’s a “liberal media”? Not the Guardian, though.

But seriously, folks: Take a look at how the liberal media has framed the story and made it one of white male privilege.

It must have been a shame to see the original media narrative fall apart, what with all those triggering MAGA hats involved.


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