Jessica Valenti doesn’t want anyone to be fooled when they look at those photos of the “Unite the Right” crowd carrying their citronella tiki torches in Chartlottesville, Va., and see mostly pasty white men, like so:

After all, as we’ve been reminded before, white women voted for Donald Trump, and so it’s important for them to realize that they’re right there marching alongside these guys in spirit.

Yes, white women who voted for Trump … read interviews the media did of other white women who voted for Trump to give you a better idea of just how heavily racial animus weighed on your decision. Something tells us that Valenti herself doesn’t have a lot of in-person political chats with Republican women, though … we might be wrong.

So … if you’re a white woman and voted Trump, you’re practically holding a tiki torch in one hand and a Nazi flag in the other and marching the streets of Charlottesville. Because of course you are.

* * *