Joe Biden says a lot of weird stuff, and the weirdest part is, most of it seems to be true. Remember when Biden told the story of his face-off with a razor-wielding gang led by a guy named CornPop? It turns out the story was true, and the media even tracked down CornPop, who died in 2006.

For some reason, video from that same campaign stop has surfaced over the weekend, and in this clip, Biden is talking about how the kids at the pool used to rub his legs and watch the blonde hair come back up again.

Jack Holmes writes at Esquire:

What the hell is this man talking about? This footage appears to be from the same 2017 event in which Biden recounted a poolside confrontation with a gang leader named “Corn Pop.” He remembered calling Corn Pop, “Esther” (???), and telling him to get off the diving board. Then they got in a near-violent altercation in the parking lot. What? Is this real, and if so, why would you bring it up next to an unrelated story about Biden’s time as a public defender? If that was a poorly crafted parable about race relations, it’s even harder to see the point of this story about kids touching his hairy legs in the pool. (Again, ???) This has nothing to do with Biden’s speech issues documented recently in an Atlantic piece by former Esquire editor John Hendrickson. Why is the former vice president telling this story? Does he realize it’s making people — like the young girl he puts an arm around at one point — uncomfortable and confused?

The video is making the rounds just after Biden made the news (and a lot of new memes) by biting his wife’s finger at a campaign stop.

“The last time I asked whether it’s ageist to wonder how old you can be and still handle the rigors of running for and serving as president, some people got very mad,” Holmes adds.

And here it is in cartoon form!

Biden would beat him like a drum, or so he says. But yeah, those debates would be straight fire.

It’s just Joe being Joe. This is who he is.


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