The entire Democratic Party has come out to declare that Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib should be allowed to visit “Palestine,” as it says on their itinerary, on a visit paid for by Miftah, a group which pushes liberal blood libel. Even actor Jon Cryer has gone so far as to call it “an impeachable offense” for President Trump to even tweet that “it would show great weakness” for Israel to allow the two freshman congresswomen to bypass laws barring BDS proponents.

Tlaib decided to pull out a family photo as proof that “what is happening to Palestinians is frightening,” although her grandmother, who lives in the West Bank, looks pretty content to us.

Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted that Tlaib could submit a humanitarian request to visit her relatives, as long as she promised not to use the visit as an invitation to promote boycotts against Israel.

Why are they both so hot to visit a nation they want everyone to boycott?