2020 presidential candidate Eric Swalwell, who has already threatened to bring in the military (maybe even nukes) to quickly put down any armed resistance to his gun confiscation plan, is still centering his campaign around two things: 1) mandatory gun “buybacks,” and 2) apologizing for being a white man.

He’s currently running a 0 percent against front-runner Joe Biden, who as vice president encouraged every American to buy a shotgun. Hey, you don’t have to aim as you do with an AR-15 … just fire a blast blindly through the front door; that’ll dissuade any intruders.

So Biden wants us all to buy shotguns, and Swalwell’s promising American citizens they can keep their shotguns; maybe we’ll be seeing a Biden/Swalwell ticket? Nah, Swalwell being a white man alone rules that out.

But yes, Swalwell says as president he’ll be very generous doling out your Second Amendment rights:

He does know the Virginia Tech mass shooting was carried out with two pistols, right?

Well, that time he said you could either donate a dollar to his campaign or buy half a bag of chips, everyone in his timeline suddenly developed a craving for potato chips, so he’s having trouble polling against salty snacks.