When Rep. Eric “Nuke ‘Em” Swalwell isn’t threatening to deploy the military to crush any resistance to his gun confiscation plan, he likes to get introspective; he flies the Pride flag 365 days a year on his office door, you know.

He’s also a white man. He let us know this in April when he bravely announced on MSNBC that he is indeed a white man, but he knows when to pass the mic, and he also promised to name a woman to be his running mate … if only there were a woman polling even lower than he is.

Now he’s back with the “pass the mic” business, which is just as patronizing as the time some beta male suggested that men take a day off from posting on Twitter and retweet only women.

OK, seriously, we’re posting this with a warning because the cringe factor is through the roof. Yeah, let’s let this guy run the country.

If he’s so woke, why doesn’t he drop out to increase the chances of a woman receiving the nomination?

This guy really might have the worst campaign going out of all 24 we’ve seen. Did you know he’s a white man?


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