Hillary Clinton’s memoir, “What Happened,” will be released Tuesday, which promises to make Sept. 12 the closest thing to a celebration her supporters might get since that whole shindig at the Javits Center went sour last November. Did they return the fireworks, or what?

It seems fitting that someone should do something to mark this momentous occasion short of running out and actually buying a copy, and TV writer Steve Marmel has just the effort-free gesture in mind and a hashtag to match: #AmplifyWomen.

Here’s the part where the man explains over the course of several tweets what he’ll be doing to ensure that women are heard … the following day.

One more thing:

And conservatives. Women conservatives, conservatives of color, gay conservatives … check with Steve and Amy for the U.S. recommended daily allowance of conservative thought before consuming, though, and always consult a doctor.

Don’t pretend you don’t want a coveted @marmel retweet.

At least that bookstore in Cleveland that “silenced” male authors for two weeks during Women’s History Month by turning around all books by men put some physical effort into an otherwise useless gesture.

Twitchy will be posting all week long, so don’t let this infection of virtue signaling keep you offline, even if it spreads:

* * *