It must be tough these days being a Democratic Presidential candidate. The Russian conspiracy hoax you pimped out for years has unraveled like a sweater bought at a communist-run department store, and there are so many other candidates that getting noticed in the herd is growing more difficult.

Eric Swalwell decided he needed to establish some traction, so he decided to send out a tweet showing his bona fides. While straining to cater to select voters his desperation is what was really waving in the wind.

Quite a few people noticed something about the appearance of this flag that he claims to fly.

Yes, that thing has not been flying for even 365 minutes. Unless, maybe he keeps it stored in the closet? (ahem)

This does seem to be the trend among the Dems — “Look how natural I am doing this regular-person stuff…with items my staff recently purchased for a social media post!”

Notice too that of all the colors on that flag it lacks the shade of brown, that is currently on his nose.

And, not as if the blatant move to display his “proper” stance was obviously staged, there is some additional evidence to further give his post more colors of hilarity. Siraj Hashmi of the Washington Examiner found an image of Swalwell’s office from months ago, and there seems a notable omission.


We all know of politicians who do not keep campaign promises. Swalwell has done the remarkable thing and proven he cannot even keep his campaign claims straight. Wow, here’s hoping he stays in the race for a very long time this campaign season!