In case you missed Twitchy’s earlier coverage, it seems Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh had her own children’s book publishing company on the side, and she struck gold when the University of Maryland Medical System purchased $500,000 worth of her “Healthy Holly” books — while Pugh sat on the UMMS board.

Kaiser Permanente, which was seeking a city contract, also purchased more than $100,000 worth of the mayor’s self-published “Healthy Holly” books, and a local nonprofit that won a big city contract just happened to purchase $87,000 worth of books.

And then reporters also tracked down 8,700 “unsolicited” and unopened boxes of “Health Holly” books at a decrepit Baltimore School District Warehouse. Seems a lot of people were buying the books by the thousands, but no one was even taking them out of the boxes to learn Holly’s secrets to staying healthy, written by the mayor herself.

Then Pugh took a leave of absence, and her attorney said she was in poor health and wasn’t “lucid” enough to decide whether or not to resign.

Maybe it was the raid by the FBI and IRS on her home and City Hall, but Pugh finally became lucid enough to realize she was not fit to be mayor.

She’s outta there: