As Twitchy reported earlier, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has a very lucrative self-publishing business on the side, cranking out a series called “Healthy Holly” that’s sold remarkably well. Why, the University of Maryland Medical System alone purchased an astounding 100,000 copies at a cost of $500,000 — while Pugh happened to be sitting on the UMMS board of directors.

Intrepid reporters did track down another 8,700 unsolicited and unopened boxes of “Health Holly” books at a decrepit Baltimore School District Warehouse, but they were denied entrance to see the books.

Just a couple of days later, Pugh admitted that she hadn’t sold a single one of her “Healthy Holly” children’s books to anyone other than UMMS. As a bonus, the man who illustrated the books — for free — hadn’t even heard of the lucrative deal.

Now Pugh says she’s taking a leave of absence to get all of her stories straight.

Isn’t that convenient? Pugh is, of course, a Democrat.