About the only thing we know for sure about Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is that we don’t trust her. We certainly didn’t know that she had her own self-published children’s book series called “Healthy Holly,” for one thing. And the Baltimore Sun has been looking into that publishing deal and finding some shady dealings.

First, let reporter Alec MacGillis introduce you to “Healthy Holly.”


Not quite, but we’ll get to that.

Maybe it’s just a really great book. But wait, there’s more!

But wait, there’s more! “Healthy Holly” is very generous with her money.

MacGillis reports:

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s book company has given $7,040 in state political contributions since 2015 — including a $5,000 gift to her own campaign.

The mayor did not return messages seeking comment about the contributions Tuesday.

Pugh resigned this week from the University of Maryland Medical System’s board of directors after coming under fire for failing to fully disclose the $500,000 business relationship she had with the system, which bought 100,000 copies of her self-published children’s book series, “Healthy Holly.”

So the University of Maryland Medical System buys 100,000 copies of the mayor’s self-published book while she’s on the board of directors, and then she dips into the book sales to fund her campaign? While thousands of unsolicited copies sit in a school warehouse? Could a reporter at least see the books?


It’s apparently very profitable.