As Twitchy has reported, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is taking a leave of absence while her “Healthy Holly” book scam blows up. It seems the University of Maryland Medical System snatched up 100,000 copies of the mayor’s self-published book series at a cost of $500,000 … while she sat on the UMMS board of directors.

Since then, a lot of the books have been traced to schools, where they were delivered unsolicited and left unopened. ProPublica’s Alec MacGillis has been doing some digging and found out that the books had some other buyers. They must have been really good books.

Maybe they were just anxious to learn that vegetables are not just green, and exercising is fun.

We had lost track: we didn’t know about the $100,000 purchase by Kaiser Permanente and the $87,000 purchase by a local nonprofit. Healthy Holly LLC was doing some big business on the side for the mayor.

Who knew children’s book publishing was so lucrative and risk-free? And has anyone ever read a “Healthy Holly” book or do they just pile up in warehouses?