Here’s a quick refresher for those who haven’t been following our coverage of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. Pugh announced April 1 that she was taking a leave of absence after an investigation into her self-published line of “Healthy Holly” children’s books began to hit paydirt. It turns out the University of Maryland Medical System purchased $500,000 worth of “Health Holly” books — while Pugh was sitting on UMMS’s board.

Other unopened boxes of thousands of unsolicited “Healthy Hobby” books were also tracked down to a school district warehouse which was kept off-limits to reporters. It seems the mayor had a built-in audience for her self-published books, consisting mainly of people who might need a favor from the mayor’s office.

As Twitchy reported Thursday morning, the FBI and IRS raided Pugh’s two homes, Baltimore City Hall, her attorney’s office, and other locations.

Now her attorney is saying that Mayor Pugh is not “lucid” enough to decide whether or not she should resign, but might do so next week.

We’re not sure if we want a mayor in such ill health writing children’s books about staying healthy.