Billionaires are in a tough position these days. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is considering running as an Independent, which he’d have to, because according to 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, billionaires are “freeloaders,” and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, apparently the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party in 2019, says it’s “immoral” that the free market in America allows billionaires to even exist.

Even Ocasio-Cortez’s policy guy, Dan Riffle, proudly uses “Every Billionaire Is A Policy Failure” as his Twitter handle.

So it’s no secret that the Green New Deal, as well as Warren’s plans like Universal Child Care, paint a target on the back of the rich in America.

Our favorite meteorologist and self-proclaimed “ecosocialist” Eric Holthaus chimed in Friday and made it perfectly clear that billionaires were going to have their unearned wealth taken from them to reverse the changes mankind has made to the earth’s climate.

We’re still curious about that 12-year deadline to reverse climate change or watch the earth descend into a lifeless husk, and The New Republic is even asking if it’s moral to have children with that deadline looming. We’ve all seen deadlines come and go.

Any chance we could decouple socialism from the climate change movement? Tesla co-founder Elon Musk is a billionaire, and so is Bill Gates, and he’s using his money to fund a project to quickly convert human waste into safe and sanitary drinking water for countries where they’re more concerned with having water to drink than climate change.

Here’s a question we keep asking and never get an answer to: assuming the earth is about 6 billion years old, during what year was the climate at it’s “correct” temperature? 2018? The Paris Agreement was supposed to keep the planet’s temperature within a range of 2℃ — assuming humans could actually pull that off.

Ted Danson told us the oceans would be dead in 10 years about 25 years ago, and Oprah warned us that half the heterosexual population would have AIDS by now.

Shut up … Ocasio-Cortez is at least trying by putting something out there, meaning she’s the boss.

It’s all unearned wealth, according to Robert B. Reich, because all billionaires either did something underhanded or inherited it from their parents.

See, The New York Times was right: Republicans are “assaulting” the opposition by calling them radicals and socialists.