The supposed launch of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s long-talked-about Green New Deal crashed and burned this week, not that that stopped any of the 2020 Democratic frontrunners from signing on to co-sponsor the resolution. By all means; we hope every single Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 signs their name to this mess.

Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff is even doing damage control on social media Saturday after her policy guy lied on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday night, claiming the most ridiculous bits of the policy being passed around were from a “doctored” version that leaked.

Did he lie to Carlson or didn’t he? The Washington Post’s Jeff Stein, for example, called the FAQ document accompanying the resolution a “mystery FAQ.”

You mean the “mystery FAQ sheet” that mysteriously vanished from Ocasio-Cortez’s own website? How many hours until she claims she was hacked?

Stein gave that claim four question marks, but others aren’t being so forgiving.

And here’s the smoking gun … a quick check of the properties of the PDF shows that, yes, it was authored by Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff.

So when Ocasio-Cortez’s policy guy lied to Tucker Carlson about guaranteed income for people unwilling to work not being in the FAQ, the chief of staff whose name is on that FAQ claimed it was the doctored version floating around on Twitter.

OK, suppose someone downloaded the PDF, altered it, and then somehow re-uploaded it to Ocasio-Cortez’s website?

Come on — this is more embarrassing than Gov. Ralph Northam “debunking” that blackface photo by noting the guy was holding his beer in his right hand, and he’s left-handed.

Lo and behold, who would pop up to explain everything Saturday afternoon but Ocasio-Cortez herself:

Oh, there are multiple doctored versions floating around. And the version on her website was a draft in which they forgot to take out parts like the bit about income for people unwilling to work.

Tomorrow in the Washington Post: “Republicans pounce on doctored version of Green New Deal.”

* * *


Here’s a nice thread summarizing just how we got here from there:

Keep in my she also insists that dumpster fire of a PBS interview containing comments about Israel’s occupation of Palestine was “doctored.” (It wasn’t.)


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