Last night, a policy adviser for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Tucker Carlson that documents and quotes being shared (and mocked) on social media weren’t really parts of the Green New Deal proposal, but rather “doctored” memes:

If they’re “doctored” then we suspect there are some doctors in the Ocasio-Cortez office:

“Mystery”? Not really, but first, here’s AOC’s chief of staff:

With that in mind, then it has to be asked:

Ok, we can’t wait for an answer to that one…

That sounds a lot like “fake but accurate.” But for now what we gather is that Team AOC wants everybody to believe the real FAQ and the doctored FAQ both contained the “unwilling to work” part?

Yes, even NPR must have published the “doctored” version, or something.

Soon it’ll be all Trump’s fault.

Closing questions:

As for that last question, Team AOC is clearly hoping for the latter.