The media can’t get enough of this year’s crop of freshmen members of Congress, as long as their names are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, or Rashida Tlaib. So it’s up to Rep. Dan Crenshaw to build his own brand on social media, such as when he posted a video of himself at last Friday’s March for Life.

It’s hard to believe we’re on Day 4 of the media frenzy over the Covington Catholic High School kids, but Crenshaw reminds us of what that story managed to push off the newspaper pages. And he sees a pattern as well.

We knew there wouldn’t be any coverage of the March for Life — the Covington controversy notwithstanding — and as Twitchy has reported, plenty are arguing that the Covington boys with their MAGA hats are just symbols of white, male, Catholic bigotry. As we reported, a protest had been planned outside the school Tuesday to bring attention to “racism against American Indians by Catholic students.”

So, yeah, Crenshaw’s nailed it. No one blinked when Linda Sarsour endorsed the BDS movement against Israel at the Women’s March either, and we didn’t see days and days of media coverage when Sen. Kamala Harris called the Knights of Columbus “extreme.”

Um …

So Crenshaw tweeting about Christianity is establishing a state religion? Might be time for a refresher course on the First Amendment.