It wasn’t that long ago that actress and progressive activist Alyssa Milano bailed on the Women’s March until it cleaned house at the top of the organization, and as Twitchy reported earlier Saturday, even the freaking Southern Poverty Law Center doesn’t want to be associated with the Women’s March due to its affiliation with the Nation of Islam.

If even the SPLC agrees that the Women’s March has affiliated itself with an anti-Semitic hate group, you know the March has problems, many of which were detailed in an exposé in Tablet magazine.

The following tweets aren’t new, but after the SPLC pulled out of the Women’s March, they seemed to take on a special significance, what with Linda Sarsour being one of the leaders of the Women’s March. Take it away, Cameron Gray:

Gray also retweeted the following in his thread:

Well, someone in Tlaib’s office tried literally to wipe Israel off the map on her wall by sticking up a Post-it Note labeled “Palestine” with an arrow pointing toward … Cairo, Egypt?

And hey, look: here’s Sarsour again posing with Representative Ilhan Omar:

Sure, critics will say we’re posting these photos just because we’re old white men who are afraid of the new school of young women entering the political system. Yeah, that’s it.

No, cuddling up with Linda Sarsour is fine: the real problem is judicial nominees who are members of the “extreme right-wing anti-choice anti-LGBT” Knights of Columbus, right, Sens. Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono? It’s those Catholics you have to look out for.