As Twitchy told you, Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is calling out Sen. Mazie Hirono and other Democrats for “religious bigotry” in light of their questions focusing on judicial nominee Brian Buescher’s Catholic faith and involvement with the Knights of Columbus. Jennifer Rubin’s pretty blasé about the whole religious-liberty thing. But feminist torchbearer Jill Filipovic is straight-up pissed at Gabbard for defending the Knights of Columbus:

The fraud here is Jill Filipovic, who claims to preach tolerance and respect while espousing straight-up bigotry

They only seem interested in representing bigots like Filipovic.

A textbook case.

Seriously. How deranged and morally bankrupt do you need to be to smear an organization like the Knights of Columbus?

Jill Filipovic’s not exactly known for carefully considering her positions. She’s hellbent on hating — but she’s gonna learn the hard way that she’s fighting a losing battle.

The Knights of Columbus will continue to make this world a better place; the same can’t be said for Jill Filipovic and her ideological colleagues.

The Knights of Columbus will be just fine … but if you want to help them continue their mission despite the efforts of demented bigots like Filipovic:

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