As Twitchy has been reporting all day Thursday, Sen. Cory Booker seemed to be risking his very Senate seat by breaking the rules and insisting on releasing “committee confidential” documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing Thursday morning.

However, that narrative was busted pretty quickly when it was revealed that the documents had already been cleared for release when he pulled his stunt for the 2020 campaign ads, and reporters are confirming that Booker knew full well they’d been cleared.

Talking Points Memo decided to run interference for Booker by insisting that Booker’s Spartacus moment had devolved into a “dumb fight” over how the documents got released.

Boy, that sure doesn’t square with Booker’s theatrics, but please, tell us more:

A Booker spokesperson said that he and Democrats were able ” to shame the committee into agreeing to make last night’s documents publicly available.”

“Cory publicly released those documents as well as other committee confidential documents today. And he’ll keep releasing them because Republicans are hiding Brett Kavanaugh’s record from the American people,” the spokesperson, Kristin Lynch said.

Ah, so maybe he wasn’t putting his job on the line by breaking the rules, but he did “shame the committee” into clearing the documents … or so his spokesperson says.

This is just like when those breathlessly pushing the story of Zina Bash flashing a white power signal during the hearings deleted those tweets and encouraged Democrats to let it go and not lose focus on the real issues. Gotta watch out for those “distractions.”