Remember last November when a small group of mental health professionals held a march to demand President Trump be removed from office according to the 25th Amendment?

No? Well, remember back in January when the week’s news cycle was dedicated to President Trump’s mental fitness, triggered by his tweet about the size of his nuclear button?

The media couldn’t get enough of Bandy X. Lee, the Yale psychiatry professor and editor of the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” who briefed some Democrats in Congress on the president’s mental health, despite never having evaluated him in person. She did want him physically restrained and confined for an evaluation, but she was afraid that might “look like a coup.”

Now the Duty to Warn Coalition is crowdfunding a documentary that will prove to the common American that Trump is mentally unfit for office. Rosie O’Donnell immediately started pushing the effort on her timeline:

They really want the movie done by August so it can influence the midterm elections, but they’re going to need some money; so far the Kickstarter campaign has raised $2,154 of its $100,000 goal.

Here’s part of the Kickstarter pitch:

In much the same way that the global scientific community has agreed climate change is a provable objective FACT, the overwhelming consensus within the professional mental health community is that Donald Trump suffers from very dangerous psychological disorders. In their clinical opinion, a President who consistently exhibits this alarming behavior is manifestly “unfit” to sit in the oval office.

This documentary film project, and the arguments it makes, are an urgent attempt by the mental health community to alert people about the “imminent threat” they perceive, to public health and safety, to the stability of our country, and to the world at large.

Just as a reminder, this is how the woman promoting a film about Trump’s mental fitness passes her time … with “art.”

We’re predicting Duty to Warn will reach its $100,000 goal faster than fire can melt steel.